New 3D Bioprinting Technique: In-Air Microfludics

The American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, also known as AAAS, recently released in a paper that their in-air microfluidics technique can enable the rapid production of micro building blocks. Microfluidic Chips, which hold small fluidic channels and used to manipulate drops of fluid, is said to help repair damaged tissue, however the chips alone cannot mass produce enough for clinical use. However, the AAAS have created a 3D bioprinting technique which could facilitate this idea and can offer a solution whereby the fluids are passed through the air as opposed to microchannels found in Microfluidic chips, hence producing a quicker technique. Using two jets of droplets, this technique shoots the microfluid up to 1000 times than the standard microchip technique. As a r

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