BAE Systems unveils military jet technology of the future

Aircraft with on-board 3D printers that can build drones while in flight are among the drawing-board concepts unveiled by BAE Systems this week.

The aerospace company has produced four early-stage ideas of what future military aircraft might be able to do, including jets that can join up to save fuel while travelling and split apart for different missions.

The other ideas, produced by BAE’s R&D team at Warton, include self-healing aircraft components that can recover from damage while in flight, and on-board energy weapons that can destroy fast-moving targets such as missiles.

Nick Colosimo, a futurist and engineering manager within the R&D team said: ‘Of course we don’t know exactly what sorts of aircraft technologies will be used in 2040 with any certainty, but it’s great to be able to show the public some concepts that might be possible through projecting where today’s technology could get to.’

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July 8, 2014



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