Bespoke manual turntable set to improve art lovers’ view

The starting point, according to Robert Hall, was being able to turn the bed for sightline, lighting, multiple aspect and seasonal purposes.

Following a visit by the Halls to the company’s headquarters in Bolton, Movetech UK designed a turntable with a 2.7m-diameter deck and a rotating frame measuring 2.65m in diameter, finished in silver gloss.

Felt has been fitted to the underside of the base frame to protect the floor surface.

A modular design was used for the turntable to allow it to be negotiated up domestic stairs for installation on the fourth floor.

Benefits of application

  • Bed now sits on a specially built manual turntable that can turn to face different artwork whenever required.
  • Movetech understood the project and handled the engineering spec with the right degree of robustness, according to the customer.
  • The Halls were able to add design features, such as semi-circular seating for the bed edge.

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April 4, 2012



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