Bloodhound sets date for record attempt

The Bloodhound SSC team has announced that the vehicle’s first World Land Speed Record attempt will take place in October 2017.


After securing additional financial support for the project, the team has been able to lay out a roadmap for the next 16 months. Many of Bloodhound’s engineers who had taken short-term contracts elsewhere will now return to the project full-time to begin preparing the vehicle for its record attempt on the Hakskeen Pan in north-western South Africa.

“This is probably the biggest moment in the project’s history,” said project director Richard Noble. “Before we could only see financially a few months ahead but now we can put our foot down and really go for it!”

The Bloodhound streamliner was first unveiled to the public in September last year, following a trial-build to confirm that the vehicle’s 3,500 bespoke components all fit together correctly. Bloodhound will now be disassembled carefully, with every step documented in fine detail to create a user manual that the team can refer to once on site in the Kalahari Desert.

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Design engineering precision


July 5, 2016



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