Intelligent robot project aims at security and care applications

A four-year project funded by the EU aims to create robots that can support security guards and care home assistants.

The aim of the research is to create mobile robots that are able to operate intelligently and independently, based on an understanding of 3D space and how this space changes over time.

The £7.2m STRANDS collaborative project involves security company G4S Technology and the Academy of Ageing Research, an Austrian care home provider, where the technology developed throughout the four year venture will be tested.

Funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework programme and led by Birmingham University, Dr Tom Duckett and Dr Marc Hanheide from Lincoln University’s School of Computer Science have been awarded £750,000 to help develop the software to process the volume of experiences the robots will encounter.

Dr Duckett, who is director of L-Cas, the Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems Research, will lead the research on creating 4D maps (3D mapping over extended time periods) of the environment and investigate methods for detecting changes and unusual situations.

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August 28, 2013



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